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The Band
1971 - 2000
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1971 - 1975

Original Lineup

Roger Earl, Rod Price, Tony Stevens, Lonesome Dave

1975 - 1975

The Year of Nick

Rod Price, Lonesome Dave, Nick Jameson, Roger Earl

1975 - 1980

The Craig Years

Lonesome Dave, Roger Earl, Rod Price, Craig Macgregor

1980 - 1983

The Erik Years

Erik Cartwright, Lonesome Dave, Roger Earl, Craig Macgregor

1983 - 1985

The Bass Players

Erik Cartwright, Rob Alter, Roger Earl, Lonesome Dave

(Not pictured: Nick Jameson, Kenny Aaronson, Craig Macgregor)

1986 - 1990


Craig Macgregor, Roger Earl, Eric "EJ" Burgeson, Erik Cartwright

(Not pictured: Brett Cartwright, Jeff Howell, Phil Nudelman)

1990 - 1993
Roger Earl's Foghat*

Roger Earl's Foghat

Roger Earl, Dave Crigger, Billy Davis, Erik Cartwright

(Not pictured: Craig Macgregor, Brett Cartwright, Jeff Howell)

1990 - 1993
Lonesome Dave's Foghat*

Lonesome Dave's Foghat

Riff West, Rod Price, Eddie Zyne, Lonesome Dave, Bryan Bassett

(Not pictured: Stephen Dees)

1993 - 1999

The Return!

Roger Earl, Rod Price, Tony Stevens, Lonesome Dave

1999 - 2000

End of an Era

Roger Earl, Tony Stevens, Lonesome Dave, Bryan Bassett

Essential Foghat Timeline
(+/- 3 months)

Essential Foghat Timeline

* Note: There were two versions of Foghat touring from 1990 to 1993. Roger Earl was touring with his version of Foghat (originally called the Kneetremblers) from 1986 to 1993 and Dave toured with Lonesome Dave's Foghat from 1990 to 1993. The original Foghat was reformed in 1993 when Tony Stevens and Rod Price rejoined, and things were patched up between Dave & Roger.

* Many Thanks to Erik Cartwright for filling in a lot of missing history!

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