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By popular demand, welcome to the guitar tablature page... If you have anything to add to this, or have a way to improve what's here, feel free to drop a line to anyone listed in these pages. Please note these tabs are not endorsed by Foghat.

Any and all contributions or corrections are more than welcome!

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Song Title AlbumTab Date
A Hole To Hide In Foghat (1st Album)19 Dec 97
Ain't Livin' Long Like This In The Mood For Something Rude19 Sep 98
All I Want For Christmas Is You Best of Foghat Volume 208 May 98
Angel Of Mercy Road Cases13 Jun 98
Baby Can I Change Your Mind Tight Shoes21 Sep 98
Bad Bad Lovin' Road Cases02 Aug 98
Be My Woman Tight Shoes05 Oct 98
Blue Spruce Woman Rock And Roll Outlaws14 Oct 98
Boogie Motel Boogie Motel19 Sep 98
Burnin' The Midnight Oil Night Shift28 Oct 97
Chateau Lafitte '59 Boogie Rock and Roll Outlaws29 Nov 97
Chevrolet Stone Blue24 Oct 97
Comin' Down With Love Boogie Motel16 Jan 01
Couldn't Make Her Stay Foghat (Rock & Roll)12 Jan 99
Dead End Street Tight Shoes18 Jan 01
Delayed Reaction Girls To Chat & Boys To Bounce30 Sep 98
Don't Run Me Down Night Shift18 Feb 99
Dreamer Rock and Roll Outlaws17 Apr 01
Drive Me Home Fool For The City17 Feb 99
Drivin' Wheel Night Shift05 Aug 97
Easy Money Stone Blue30 Mar 98
Eight Days On The Road Rock and Roll Outlaws22 Mar 98
Feel So Bad Foghat (Rock & Roll)04 Oct 97
Feel So Good Return Of The Boogie Men11 Oct 98
Fly By Night Energized06 Oct 98
Fool For The City Fool For The City10 Jul 98
Fool's Hall Of Fame Foghat (1st Album)17 Aug 98
Full Time Lover Tight Shoes22 Feb 98
Golden Arrow Energized24 Apr 98
Gotta Get To Know You Foghat (1st Album)22 Dec 97
Hate To See You Go Rock And Roll Outlaws09 Oct 98
Helping Hand Foghat (Rock & Roll)07 Apr 98
High On Love Stone Blue08 May 99
Highway (Killing Me) Foghat (1st Album)18 Dec 98
Home In My Hand Energized17 Apr 01
Honey Hush Energized19 Feb 98
Hot Shot Love Night Shift18 Jan 01
I Do Just What I Want In The Mood For Something Rude22 Feb 98
I Just Want To Make Love To You Foghat (1st Album)24 Apr 97
I Just Want To Make Love To You (acoustic) Return Of The Boogie Men10 Jan 01
I Want You To Love Me Return Of The Boogie Men21 Aug 98
I'll Be Standing By Night Shift19 Feb 98
It Hurts Me Too Stone Blue09 Nov 97
It'll Be Me Zig-Zag Walk16 Sep 98
It's Too Late Foghat (Rock & Roll)06 Aug 98
Jump That Train Return Of The Boogie Men08 Oct 98
Keep A Knockin' Before Foghat Days05 May 98
Leaving Again (Again!) Foghat (1st Album)22 Dec 97
Linda Lou Zig-Zag Walk16 Sep 98
Live Now - Pay Later Girls To Chat & Boys To Bounce26 Sep 97
Long Way To Go Foghat (Rock & Roll)25 Aug 98
Loose Ends Tight Shoes07 May 98
Louisiana Blues Return Of The Boogie Men02 Aug 98
Love In Motion Boogie Motel28 Sep 98
Love Zone Girls To Chat & Boys To Bounce18 Feb 99
Maybelline Foghat (1st Album)29 Sep 98
Mean Woman Blues Before Foghat Days04 Sep 98
Midnight Madness Stone Blue16 Jan 01
Motel Shaker Return Of The Boogie Men12 Aug 97
My Babe Fool For The City23 Oct 97
  Nervous Release Boogie Motel16 Sep 98
Night Shift Night Shift05 Apr 98
No Hard Feelings Tight Shoes08 Jan 99
Nothin' But Trouble Return Of The Boogie Men03 May 98
Nothin' I Won't Do Energized08 Feb 99
Paradise Alley Boogie Motel18 Sep 98
Play Dirty Return Of The Boogie Men24 Nov 97
  Ride, Ride, Ride Foghat (Rock & Roll)17 Mar 98
Road Fever Foghat (Rock & Roll)21 Feb 98
Rock Your House Road Cases09 May 98
Rock And Roll Outlaw Rock And Roll Outlaws17 Feb 99
Run, Run, Rudolph Promo 4508 May 98
Sarah Lee Foghat (1st Album)30 Sep 98
Save Your Loving (For Me) Fool For The City21 Sep 98
Second Childhood Girls To Chat & Boys To Bounce10 Jan 99
She's Gone Foghat (Rock & Roll)28 Aug 98
Shirley Jean Rock And Roll Outlaws13 Oct 98
Silent Treatment Zig-Zag Walk24 Mar 98
Sing About Love Girls To Chat & Boys To Bounce11 Mar 99
Slipped, Tripped, Fell In Love In The Mood For Something Rude21 May 98
Slow Ride Fool For The City12 Aug 97
Soakin' The Bone Road Cases02 Aug 98
Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed Boogie Motel28 Sep 98
Stay With Me Stone Blue12 Oct 98
Step Outside Energized02 Oct 98
Stone Blue Stone Blue19 Sep 98
Stranger In My Home Town Tight Shoes28 Mar 98
Sweet Home Chicago Stone Blue13 May 98
Take It Or Leave It Fool For The City03 Apr 98
Take Me To The River Night Shift08 Oct 98
Take Me To The River (acoustic) Return Of The Boogie Men08 Oct 98
Talk To Me Baby Return Of The Boogie Men16 Jan 01
Tear You Down Road Cases29 Jul 98
Terraplane Blues Fool For The City10 Jan 01
That'll Be The Day Energized03 Oct 98
That's Alright Mama Return Of The Boogie Men14 Oct 98
That's What Love Can Do Zig-Zag Walk23 Sep 97
Third Time Lucky Boogie Motel24 Nov 97
Three Wheel Cadillac Zig-Zag Walk13 Oct 98
Too Late The Hero Tight Shoes21 Sep 98
Trouble In My Way Rock and Roll Outlaws19 Sep 97
Trouble Trouble Foghat (1st Album)02 Aug 98
  Ubangi Stomp Best of Foghat Volume 227 Mar 98
  Weekend Driver Girls To Chat & Boys To Bounce18 Jan 01
What A Shame Foghat (Rock & Roll)25 Aug 98
Wide Boy Girls To Chat & Boys To Bounce18 Sep 97
Wild Cherry Energized30 Sep 98
Writing On The Wall Return Of The Boogie Men07 Oct 98
You'll Be Mine Summer Daze02 May 98
Zig-Zag Walk Zig-Zag Walk07 Oct 98
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Rod uses E tuning for slide, except for the first two albums which were standard tuning

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