Foghat Guitar Tabs - Notes & Credits
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Stone... Guitar Tabs
...and Muffin!

  • Tabs portrayed are not endorsed by Foghat (but they are fun!).

  • There are no Bass Tabs because no one has submitted any.

  • Corrections are more than welcome, they're encouraged!.

  • All (colored) underlined text is "clickable." (But you knew that already!)

  • Almost all graphic items are "clickable." (Not everybody does this... I do)

  • Foghat Guitar Tabs are best viewed with monitor turned on.
    (Of course, you must have Foghat cranked real loud in the background!)


These pages should really be called "The Nickie and Charlie Pages." These two guys have built this collection up from one Slow Ride tab floating around the net to the long list of 100+ tabs you see now. Foghat fans and guitar player wannabe's owe a debt of gratitude (and a lot of hours of fun) to these guys. Drop 'em a line and let 'em know their tabs are appreciated!

Nickie Nickie John Scarsone was a major driving force for the Foghat Tabs Pages existance. Nickie has continuously supplied tabs, and came up with the initial idea for the backgrounds!

Charlie Charlie Coombs has also continuously supplied tabs and unknowingly inspired some of the graphics! (click on his picture for a Foghat tribute!)

Luther Web pages built, and built, and built, scrapped, rebuilt, and then built some more, by Evin Mulron. (Pictured at left while trying to figure out a bar chord is)
(Really not that far from the truth!)
  • Frank Costello supplied enough tabs and corrections to keep Nickie & Charlie humble.

  • Jon Title supplied the Drivin' Wheel tab.

  • Carl Hanson (original webmaster) supplied the link to here that really got things going.

  • Foghat supplied the original music!.

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